Trapologist at Work

Learn to avoid the 7 modern-day workplace traps.

Helping business leadership and employees channel their full potential

What is trapology?
Trapology is the study of modern-day workplace traps and how to overcome them.


Does your business leadership or workforce struggle with any of the following?

Information overload

Maintaining focus

Adapting to change

Taking initiative and being resourceful

Positively receiving feedback

Silos / Working independently

Engagement, inspiration and passion at work

Understanding how you contribute to an organisation

If you feel these are real issues in your workplace – Trapologist at Work could be a real game-changer.

What is Trapologist at work?

Many of our workplace challenges are caused by traps we fall into unwittingly. A ‘Trapologist at Work’ is a person who detects and avoids these workplace traps and helps others do the same.

Qualified Trapologist at Work

I am certified and licensed by David M.R. Covey to deliver this unique programme, and I have personally benefited from going through the process myself.

I can help identify 7 traps that we fall into that get in the way of our progress, happiness and sense of control.

My Approach

As a person who has had the experience of being stuck, frustrated and bereaved, it is a wonderful feeling to have hope that things can be different and to have control over what needs to be addressed to bring about a transformation in circumstances.

TRAPOLOGY training is designed to free you from the traps that steal your time, money, energy and happiness.

The training is unique and takes participants through a pathway which leads to increased efficiency and productivity.

I am a fun trainer! I am open, honest and I have been there.

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