Professional Toastmaster & Master of Ceremony


Ore-Lou is a trained Red Coat Toastmaster – for those more formal occasions.


Her unique style and charismatic charm makes Ore-Lou a stand-out professional.

Wedding Toastmaster

Ore-Lou is a professional Red Coat Toastmaster who provides an authorative, engaging level of co-ordination and etiquette to proceedings for your big day.

Master of Ceremonies

If you are looking for a professional, highly popular Master of Ceremony, Ore-Lou brings an added sparkle to the most glamorous of events – from award ceremonies to Ministerial Dinners.

What To Expect

Ore-Lou (fondly referred to as Madam Toastmaster) is a competent Master of Ceremonies who is committed to doing things well and with integrity. Here is a video which illustrates the professionalism, decorum and shining qualities that Ore-Lou possesses to bring a sense of authority and structure to all proceedings that she presides over.

Why choose Ore-Lou as your Toastmaster or Master of Ceremony.

Ore-Lou is willing to go the extra mile to ensure the success of every occasion and will liaise with event organizers or any other functionaries that are involved.

She is experienced in dealing with formal occasions and will bring her skills in to play, ensuring the smooth and efficient running of the day.

She is also a trained Red Coat Toastmaster, for those who prefer a more formal Master of Ceremony.

If you are looking for a professional Toastmaster or Master of Ceremony for your wedding or awards event, then please don’t hesitate to send a message.


“I had the great honour and privilege of hosting an event recently at the House of Commons on behalf of the Utah Valley University, where Ore officiated as our Toastmaster.

It gives me great pleasure to recommend Ore as a Toastmaster at any event. Not only does Ore bring with her a decade of experience, she brings professionalism, expertise and panache.

Craig Whittaker MP

For Ore-Lou availability as a Professional Toastmaster and Master of Ceremony then please send you details below.

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