Self-Confidence - VS - Self-Esteem

“A person who has self-confidence believes in his/her abilities even before he/she has performed.”

How Self-Confidence can be developed, irrespective of Self-Esteem.

What is the difference between Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem?

Confidence was formed from the Latin words ‘Cum’ and ‘Fides’, which mean with faith, therefore to have confidence means to have faith in one’s abilities. Faith in itself is defined as having belief in something or someone without any evidence, therefore a person who has self-confidence believes in his/her abilities even before he/she has performed.

Self-Esteem is one’s view of oneself based on feedback from others. There are many successful individuals that have received positive feedback from others when they have performed well. Examples include recognition or applause for being a performer, academic, best employee, beauty queen and the list is endless.

Such individuals have high Self-Esteem, but it should not be a foregone conclusion that they are confident individuals, although they will obviously be confident in their field of expertise.

 Self Confidence and how it can be improved

The question is: Will such individuals remain confident if for some reason they are no longer able to perform within their their area of expertise i.e. their ‘comfort zone’?

What are the key requirements for Self-Confidence?

Self-Confidence requires the individual to step out of his/her comfort zone and take risks. These kind of risks are always rewarded with growth, and growth promotes confidence.

A good example will be speaking in front of an audience for the first time. Everyone has to agree that this would be daunting for anyone and would require a huge step out of one’s comfort zone, however once the step is taken the individual involved experiences a huge rush as a sense of accomplishment envelopes the person.

It does not matter whether the person performed well or not. They did it! The more they do it the better they become and the realisation that they can therefore do anything sets in. This promotes Self-Confidence!

If you would like to put this to the test, try singing at a Karaoke Club or go Bungee Jumping.

Self-Esteem is great, but Self-Confidence can be even better!

It is great to have high Self-Esteem and we might come across to others as confident, but Self-Esteem will only last as long as the accolades. Self-Confidence however is developed from within and will last a lifetime.

Just remember that the key to your Self-Confidence lies outside of your comfort zone.


What do you do to promote self-confidence? Does you believe your self-esteem affects your self-confidence – or vice versa? Let me know you thoughts in the comments at the bottom of this page. 


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