Let’s Have T.E.A.

Ore is a certified Mental Health First Aid Trainer

A Simple and Personal Approach to supporting Young People in Education & Training to understand and speak openly about their Mental Health so that ‘STIGMA’ – which is a barrier to recovery – can be removed.

About T.E.A.

(Talk – Express – Accept)

Following 3 Tragic Events in my life (an abduction at the age of 7, the loss of my father at age 11, and the loss of my husband), I have come to recognise that Mental Health Awareness is critical if one is to handle life in a powerful way.

My sessions deeply engage participants on a personal level, which in turn empowers them to gain a profound state of understanding, openness, and self-care.

I am particularly dedicated to the development and well-being of young people, and following an experience relating to ‘TEA”, I have developed a concept called “LET’s HAVE T.E.A!”

Ore Being Herself!

Participants Will….

• Gain an Understanding of Mental Health.
• Have an Insight into some of the Common Issues.
• Address the Issue of ‘Stigma’.
• Be More Comfortable & Open about Mental Health.
• Evaluate their Approach towards their Physical & Mental Health.
• Learn How to Manage ‘Their’ Mental Health – Self-Care.
• Understand How to Be Supportive.
• Be Equipped to Cope with Uncertainty.
• Become More Proactive.

During the session I will be sharing my powerful transformation story.

What is TEA

“I have severe anxiety and suffer from panic attacks a lot, but Ore was so down to earth and real with you, that it felt like I was just in a conversation with a friend. She did not tip toe around anything and make us feel as though she thought we were fragile. She made it feel normal to disclose little parts of what we normally wouldn’t tell people, and it’ll act as a building block for learning to disclose more major issues with people in the future.”

– Year 13 Student (Name not disclosed for Safe Guarding Purposes)

Find out more about the “Let’s Have T.E.A.” concept and the empowerment of positive mental health.