Inspiring & Engaging

Guest Speaker, After-Dinner Speaker & School Assemblies


Powerful, inspiration words covering a broad church of topics and themes to help motivate adults and young people alike.


Ore-Lou is adept at providing engaging speeches for a wide selection of events, school assemblies and community projects.

Keynote Speaker

Ore-Lou is a captivating and effective presenter with a fresh approach.

After-Dinner Speaker

An intelligent, witty, engaging and thought-provoking story-teller for any event.

School Assemblies

Engaging with young people to help them realise and release their potential.

Speaker Topics Covered

Ore-Lou can cover a broad spectrum of topics in an informative, anecdotal and memorable way.  All talk topics can be applied to a business or personal setting. A strong theme in Ore-Lou’s talks is POSITIVE MENTAL WELL-BEING – and like her compelling training programmes on these topics, her speaking really resonates.

1. Mental Health

A Simple and Personal Approach to supporting Young People in Higher Education & Training to understand and speak openly about their Mental Health so that ‘STIGMA’, which is a barrier to recovery can be removed.

2. Confidence & Self-belief

Confidence is the feeling of belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something. It therefore goes without saying that SELF-CONFIDENCE is having this feeling of belief directed at SELF.

3. Overcoming the fear of public speaking

It is estimated that 75% of the population suffer from some form of Glossophobia (Fear of Public Speaking), ranging from mild to crippling.

The training sessions delivered by Ore are powerful and empowering for anyone who would like to be an effective, engaging and confident speaker. Areas covered in the session include managing nerves, becoming fear free, understanding your audience and maintaining control. We also work on the Top Tips of engaging an audience and Impromptu Speaking.

4. Leadership
Persuading and motivating others to do what they don’t want to do is known as Management. Leadership is more than Management. A true Leader moves others to action by being Inspirational and Influential. 
L.E.A.D is a simple and powerful way to analyse and look at areas of leadership that might need honing, developing or acquiring. L.E.A.D equips you to have the confidence to lead with power, integrity and authenticity. There is nothing like a leader who people just naturally follow, and my job is to get you there. The Leadership Programme will have elements of the Confidence, Mindset and Public Speaking training.
5. Mindset & Outcomes

Mindset is a frame of mind – thoughts and beliefs that shape habits. Mindset and Outcomes are directly correlated, which is why this is covered in all areas of training at Ore-Lou’s.

Choosing Ore-Lou for Public Speaking Services

Articulate, polished and versatile, Ore-Lou can engage any audience with ease. This dynamic lady speaks with passion, enthusiasm and a unique style which endears her to her audience, leaving an unforgettable impression.

Drawing on life-experiences, Ore-Lou not only covers a wide range of topics, but delivers powerful speeches to a diverse audience base. 

From corporate clients and community projects, to local schools and youth organisations, Ore-Lou can offer memorable, engaging experience for all.


“I love the way Ore’s warmth and enthusiasm really come to the fore when she is speaking from the stage or running a function.

She appears measured and composed throughout and carries the audience along, with her natural ease, calm authority and in particular, her wonderful, strong and resonant voice. You know you are in safe hands!”

– Michael Ronayne
Director of the College of Public Speaking

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