Professional Speaker and Trainer

Delivering Words In a Powerful Way

“Ore is a wonderful professional speaker and trainer. Engaging, warm, passionate and charismatic. Little wonder with her rich voice and cool composure that for 5 years Ore has helped MC some of our largest events and was recently elected as our Associate of the year. Ore has always been a pleasure to work with, understands the expectations of her clients, helps create the right atmosphere and can apply her wonderful oracy to ensure a successful occasion…” 

– Jez Sweetland, CEO Speakers Trust


Born in South London to Nigerian parents, and raised in Kent for the first 7 years of her life by a Scottish father and an English mother, Ore has come to appreciate the beauty in diversity and is thus gifted with the ability to break through barriers and connect with individuals. As a child she was abducted by her birth mother and had the privilege of living in Nigeria for 11 years, and the benefit of the lessons that living in a different culture had to teach. Ore-Lou returned to England in 1984 and attended college, then went on to study Economics at the University of Central England in Birmingham. She also served as a missionary for a year and a half. She is widowed and is the mother of 2 beautiful daughters and even though it is a challenging role, the rewards far outweigh the hard work required to help these young women reach their full potential and become a credit to society. Ore believes that failing forward is the only real path to success and the secret to building true character in an individual. She is acquainted with adversity, loss, regret, amongst other things and knows from experience that the past and the challenges we face can be the foundation to a more powerful future – A future which is fulfilling and satisfying. Integrity is the quality that she strives to uphold.


Professional Bodies

Ore-Lou is the Founding Charter President of The Meridian Speakers in Greenwich (Toastmasters International).

Ore-Lou is a certified Mental Health First Aider with the MHFA Organisation.

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Ore has;

  • been in the business of Speaking since 2005
  • delivered over 1000 workshops in public speaking
  • trained over 35,000 people
  • officiated at a number of events in the House of Parliament
  • shared the stage with numerous notable individuals
  • worked with a variety of reputable organizations and establishments.

Key Attributes

She is a master at delivering sessions on presenting, confidence, vocal impact and effective leadership.

Raison D'etre

Modelling excellence and integrity, with an element of fun.

About Ore

Ore Ogungbayi is a symbol of human nature, having discovered through experience the challenges involved in working through life. She has had to fight to obtain all she has and has thus concluded that the tests of life help to develop inner strength and character.

Ore-Lou loves life and wherever possible (if appropriate) will inject fun and laughter into whatever she is involved with. She is a child at heart and derives joy from the simple pleasures that life has to offer, like making friends and food.

Ore-Lou enjoys working out and was an avid Boot camp member, attending 4 times a week until she developed knee problems some years ago resulting in a knee replacement. She has now upgraded (Laugh!) to Pilates. She also loves nights out at the pictures, and she has been known to watch two-three movies in a row.

Her lifestyle can be described as normal, so she can appreciate the day to day challenges and trials that the average woman has to face. These experiences are very valuable to her and serve as a platform in relating to others.

As a professional speaker and trainer, Ore-Lou is open and will happily share personal experiences. She focuses on content that will benefit members of her audience or delegates who attend her workshops.

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